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Courtney Breazile's - Immortal Council Series Book #6

By : Courtney Breazile  | Other books by Courtney Breazile
Published by: Extasy Books
ISBN # :978-1-55487-912-0
Heat Level :

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Ever is a half-witch, half-Animal Elf who was raised in the human world. As if that didnt give her enough issues, she is part of a prophecy that has everyone after her and her convinced she is destined to be a weapon for the wrong side. 

Selene is a witch who never wanted to be leader of a coven, but after being thrown into the position, she is looking for a way to escape. When Ever contacts Selene through astral projection and asks for her help in escaping Vincent, Selene jumps on the chance. She becomes obsessed with the beautiful woman who appears to her and would do anything to have her. 

Saving her from Vincent is only the beginning. Neither willing to give control of any kind to the other, they clash at every turn and their exploding passion isn't enough to keep them together. 

Is their obsession enough to bring them together before Vincent takes back what he claims is his?


She was determined to make it out of here alive and knew she would be more powerful for what he was teaching her. It was what he wasn't teaching her that worried her, the secrets she saw in his eyes when he thought she wasn't paying attention. As if he knew more about what she was than she did. Sometimes she didn't think she wanted to know.

Vincent was an ancient Animal Elf and his knowledge of the Animal Elf side of her power was great. Her witch half he didn't know much about, but he loved it, and was extremely happy when she demonstrated it. He was training her to be his weapon against his sister, Payton, and her own mother, Lillian. She didn't fully understand it, but she knew she didn't want to be on his team. 

“You are quiet this eve, is everything well with you?”

“Oh yes, Im just tired from all our work is all,” Ever lied.

“Well why dont you head off to bed, Im going off the island after dinner anyway. I have meetings with some possible allies.”

“Oh,” Ever tried not to sound too interested by this, but her heart was suddenly beating wildly. He hadn't left the island since bringing her here, not to her knowledge anyhow. This could prove to be a very good thing.

Vincents face changed just the slightest bit, but it was enough to know he was suspicious. She wanted to kick herself, but the shock of his departure was just too much and not being a full Animal Elf, she didn't have the insane control over her emotions that he did. It didn't help that her witch half was extremely emotional. Most days, she wavered from one extreme to the other.

“Blaze will be near if you have need of anything while Im away,” Vincent said with clear warning.

Ever pulled on that space inside of her where her Animal Elf instincts were held and blanked her look. “Lovely, now I think I will go rest.” She stood smoothly and left the room without another word, but she felt both their gazes on her as she went.

She managed to hold it together until she reached her room. With a quick probe of her Animal Elf senses, she found no animals about to spy for Vincent, something she was constantly afraid of. She hopped onto her bed excitedly and clasped her hands. She had an opportunity this night and she was not going to waste it. She knew what she could do with so little time and opportunity, something she had wanted to try for a while now.

Ever waited until she was sure Vincent had flashed off the island, a little trick he had conveniently refused to show her how to accomplish. Then she laid back, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was going to find her mother or perhaps Wraith and she was going to help them find her.

She pushed out her witch senses, projecting herself into the universe, and felt around. She called for them, but there was no response. Frustrated, she pushed farther into the universe from deeper within herself. This had to work, she had been thinking about it for so long, planning it. This is what had made it easier to sit around and pretend. Ever took a breath, concentrated on feeling the universe and pushed her frustrations and fears down.

She felt something then, a powerful pull. Ever threw herself at it, not caring who it would take her to. If the universe was answering her call for help, then it had to be where she needed to go. A split second later, she was stunned to find herself looking at the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.

Too bewildered to make a move of contact, Ever just stared at her. She was asleep, her black shoulder length hair perfectly framing her pale face. She was without covers and her small tank and panties showed off an amazing body that had Evers instantly reacting. Her thoughts immediately went to how it would feel to press herself against those curves, to bury her face between those thighs. She groaned slightly as need filled her.

Ever reached out a hand and concentrated on solidifying her astral projection. Her fingers brushed the woman‟s soft hair and her fingertips tingled. “I must have you,” Ever whispered. Instant obsession filled her, as if her entire life had been leading her to this woman and now that she had seen her face, she would never be happy until she possessed her.

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