Friday, May 4, 2012

Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop

I'm so excited to be a part of the Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop and smiling at the timing of when this blog was scheduled for. It just so happens that I was the recent recipient of the two very romantic gestures from a secret admirer. 

On April 26th I received a knock at the door with a polite delivery man from Veldekamp flowers. In his one hand he held a clipboard and in the other the beautiful vase of roses you see below. 

Then on the following day I received a box of chocolates. Not just any box of chocolates mind you, it was a box filled with Harry of London chocolates. 

For those of you who haven't had these before, these chocolates are where the phrase "better than sex" is derived from. LOL. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but OMG they are sooooo good! While I may not know who sent these beautiful and delicious gifts, very few have my address and my list of 'suspects' is dwindling. 

So, in an effort of paying it forward, I would like to pass on the smiles to 2 lucky winners of my blog. All you have to do is look at my current releases HERE and leave a comment below telling me which book you would like to win. This contest ends on 11:59pm MST on May 9th. 

Please stop by the other blogs on this hop HERE or by clicking the picture below and increase your chances to win.


L.C.D. said...

How sweet of of your secret admirer to send you not only beautiful roses, but the chocolates tOO! And the best roses and chocolate to boot! Whomever the admirer is, they've got some extremely good...and expensive...tastes. i'm a cheap date. lol. buy me a steak and take me to a movie and i'm good. in other words, ruby tuesday and the local theater!

as far as the book i'd like to win, i'm torn between sweet affliction and sweet vengeance. but i think i'll go with sweet affliction. can't pass up a navy seal. they're all badass and protective...and hot too!

thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

pinkelmo3 AT gmail dot com

Jennifer Denys said...

Hi Nicole

Not sure whether you have a stalker or an admirer.....
Sudden Devotion looks good.

Jennifer Denys

mommyjj said...

hey nicole i have all your books i would love the nex't one coming out sweet affliction please i love the sweet awakenings series love ya hope to beta read for you again soon ;) jessica canoto

Simone Sinna said...

Sweet vengeance... love the name and romance suspense MF is defintiely my thing. Simone

shadowestr said...

Oh my gods... Surprise me! They ALL sound AMAZING!!!!!

Rita Bay said...

Whichever you have the most of to share - all sound great. BTW, backgound of black roses is a really nice touch. Think I will substitute roses for my bling for the rest of the hop Rita Bay

Belinda said...

Thanks for the opportunity Nicole. Your books all look good. I am new to your books but an eager to begin reading them. The book that caught my eye is Sweet Affliction. I love the action, intrigue and HEA along with a Navy Seal. Yum!

Shadow said...

Aww. So sweet! You must be loving it! :D Wonder who he is? Those roses are gorgeous and those chocolates sound orgasmic! hehe Thank you for sharing! You have a wonderful week! ;) Have fun figuring out that secret admirer. As for books, all of them sound great! If i win may i have Love Knows No Boundaries or Intimate Persuasions please? Its too hard to pick one. Both sound awesome! If i win, can you surprise me? Thank you!!

Julianne said...

Ok, this is a tough decision. But I'm going to go with Intimate Confessions.
I hope you find out who your secret admirer is.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

VanillaOrchids said...

I think I would love to win Intimate Confessions though it wasn't an easy choice.
Thanks for the giveaway.


Nicole Morgan said...

****** DRUMROLL *******

The winners of my Chocolate & Roses Blog Hop are:



Vanilla Orchids

Check your inbox for an email and thank you to everyone who participated. I hope everyone had fun!!!

Happy Reading All ~ Nicole :)

VanillaOrchids said...

Thank you Nicole! :)


city said...

nice posting. thanks for sharing

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