Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Release Day!!!

It's Release Day and I'm so excited that I wanted to share a HOT eXcerpt from Impetuous! In addition to that, if you go to the Siren Bookstrand Blog, you can read the entire First Chapter for FREE! So, without further adieu, here is your eXXXcerpt...

Her creamy skin looked flawless against the backdrop of the crisp white sheets.
With both hands, he firmly held her legs apart and loomed just above her already slick folds. He could see the glistening moisture already building up and coating her slit. Her excitement and anticipation was evident.
Hesitating for a moment, he looked up at her. His eyes met hers for a fire-charged flash in time. Gently he blew on her. From her pussy on up to her nipples he caressed her with nothing more than a gush of air. His actions were rewarded by her moans as she squirmed under the warm tickle of his breath.
“Sugar, I hope you’re ready and rested. Because I’m going to lick you, taste you, and suck up every last succulent drop you have to offer me.”
This time he didn’t hesitate. His hunger wouldn’t allow it. Dropping his head down, he darted his tongue out and slid it between her moistened lips. Her slit was even wetter than he expected. And so fucking hot he thought his tongue might catch fire.
He had been right in his earlier prediction. She was the sweetest of all the fruits. Like candied ambrosia, her flavor just seeped into his soul and took hold of him.
His tongue moved up and down several times at her slick entrance. As good as she tasted, he enjoyed the tease it provided. She was already fighting him and writhing beneath his ministrations as soft whimpers escaped her. Judging from her body’s response last night and today, he knew she was already getting close. As much as he wanted to taste the honeyed nectar she’d surely provide him in orgasm, he wanted to slow down and prolong her pleasure.
Removing his tongue, he traced small circles around the outer part of her pussy, from one inner thigh to the other, the whole time touching her delicately, taunting her with featherlike kisses.
Her skin was so smooth under his tongue he wondered if she was even real. Maybe she was a goddess that he dreamed up. Some sort of muse sent down from a mythical land to seduce him in his wildest dreams. He fought back a laugh at the thought. If she were, she was damn good at what she did, but even his deepest fantasies had never been this good.
Her fingers ran through his hair, and she whispered, “Beck, please…”
He was never one to watch a woman suffer, but he had to admit his ego did swell almost as big as his cock from her pleas. It turned him on to know she needed it so badly she wasn’t afraid to beg.
Not wanting to prolong her agony, he decided to give her what she wanted. Hell, who was he kidding? It was what he wanted, too! Even with his generosity, there was a little bit of selfishness in his actions.
Opening his mouth wide, he covered her entire entrance and darted his tongue inside her moistened tunnel. The way her inner walls squeezed his tongue, at the same time making room for him, sent his desire to devour her over the edge.
He released her thighs and reached his hands under her ass. Grasping her cheeks, he lifted her bottom and pulled her that much closer to his face. He was now completely engulfed in her soft flesh. If it wasn’t for his need for air, he would bury himself completely inside her, exploring and finding every spot which made her feel good. If he had his way, he would lose himself in her pussy, making her come over and over again.
“Oh, God! Beck! That feels so…”
Her cries of pleasure made his already racing blood shoot straight to his cock. It all but screamed at him to stop what he was doing and bury his dick deep inside her tight pussy. He ignored his primal urge. It wasn’t time for that. Not yet. He wanted this. He fucking needed this. He needed to make her come under his mouth. His urge to make her realize the importance of his touch was clawing at him. She had to know that no one else could ever touch her the way that he could. She had to understand that there would be no one else for her ever again.
He stilled his movements and stopped what he was doing. The possessive thought stunned him for a moment. He wasn’t sure where it had come from, and it wasn’t the first time he’d had such a jealous thought about her. It wasn’t like him to have such convictions about a woman, but damn it if he did anyway.
Jennifer’s whimper was barely audible, but it was enough to shake his senses back into reality though. He looked up at her and saw the disappointment in her eyes. He gave her a reassuring smirk and winked before continuing with exactly what he was doing.
Mere seconds passed before she screamed and he felt her hands clutch his hair, almost pulling it out by the roots. Her pussy clenched and tightened around his tongue as she pushed herself farther into his mouth. Another breathless scream tore from her a second later when she finally peaked and fell over the edge. Her body shook, causing his cock to twitch and leak with pre-cum.
Just as he’d expected, her release was like heaven wrapped into a blissful treat. The molten juice poured from her and he felt as if he was taking a bath in hot, dripping honey. Her passion was pungent and strong. Its essence reminded him of silky ribbons of liquid pleasure.
Beck lapped up every drop like a starving man. The taste alone was intoxicating enough, but the scent she exuded was making him hungry for that much more. He didn’t want it to stop, sure his thirst for her could never be quenched. Even despite her shaking thighs and quivering body, he couldn’t stop himself from searching for more.


And don't forget...The second book in the Incessant Passions 

series comes out on January 24th, so that gives you two weeks

to read this book and gear up for the next installment! 


Jennifer Mathis said...

congrats on the release , great excerpt :)

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Wow--happy release day to you and us, Nicole! Woohoo!

kimmyl said...

Loved the post! I can’t wait to read all these new books and meet new authors!!!!!Thanks for the giveaway and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!!!!!!

Mary Frances Roya said...

OMG! What a hot, hot tease. I really got to find out what happens next. Keep writing so I can keep reading. Thanks for being on the blog hop.

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