Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coming August 12th...

Siren Allure


by Nicole Morgan

[Erotic Contemporary Romance] Faced with a forbidden love and overwhelming obstacles, Sean and Isabelle finally find a way to be together. Justin, an ex-boyfriend, refuses to let Isabelle go. After an unspeakable act, Sean and Isabelle’s love is tested. Will they be able to overcome and discover whether Love Knows No Boundaries?

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I've had a busy week playing catch up, but I'm slowly getting there. The winners to the "What Makes You a Manic Reader" contest are: 
Stella (Ex Libris)
Thanks to everyone who took part in this fun contest. I'll email you with your eBook. :)

A new review for Sudden Devotion

Sudden Devotion by Nicole Morgan

Sudden Devotion by Nicole Morgan
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (209 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Voyeurism, F/F, Multiple Partners
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Sara is inexperienced with men, but finds her untapped sexuality is bursting beneath the pressure of lustful desires. Mitch works with Sara and knows office romances can go horribly wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from going ahead with his plan to seduce her. Soon, the two find themselves in an erotic game of pleasure. Their affair proves to be more than either of them anticipated. After only a couple of days their relationship intensifies into a firestorm of passion and they begin to fall in love.

Claudia works with them both and isn’t happy when Mitch rejects her advances. Not willing to take no for an answer she uses every form of manipulation to drive the couple apart. Is their relationship strong enough to handle the betrayal that they believe to be true? Or will the thought of losing each other be the catalyst to keep them together?

While working as a secretary, young and inexperienced Sara meets the more experienced Mitch. Once the two begin to hit it off a romance begins but there is another who wants Mitch for her own. Claudia has her eyes set on Mitch and intends to have him for her own at any costs even at the expense of other people’s lives. Can Mitch and Sara find love or will Claudia get what she wants?

This was an interesting story about finding true love and many of the trials and tribulations that go with it. I enjoyed watching the young and naïve Sara grow into a confident and sexual woman. Mitch may be overwhelming at times but the reader can see it is because of the intense feelings he has for Sara.

The love and the bond of trust that develops between Sara and Mitch was a good read. I love the way Mitch brings Sara out of her shell and not only tells her but shows her how much he adores her. These two characters endear themselves to the reader as much as Claudia gets you to hate her. Claudia is a manipulative woman with only her sexual pleasures on the agenda. When she achieves her goals, you begin to feel bad for the people she manipulates. The more you read this story the more you begin to wonder just why the others let Claudia manipulate them as well as she does. I for one was surprised at the turn of events that lead to the big revelations of why Claudia had so much control.

Nicole Morgan pulls the reader into the world of Sara and Mitch, easily keeping you there until the end. This book is a well-written and fast-paced page-turner that should not be missed.