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Exciting New Sexy Release ~ #DominantPersuasions @AuthorNicMorgan @RomanceRebels69 #BDSM

After months of writing, editing, planning and preparation, the long awaiting anthology, Dominant Persuasions is available! 

Please join the authors later today at 3:30pm EST and going into the night at their Facebook party to celebrate their release!

Dominant Persuasions
Twelve tales of Dominance and submission, where mastery meets passion.

12 Scintillating tales of Dominance and submission as told by your favorite Amazon, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors.
In a world of power plays, and safewords, only the strongest can find pleasure in submission. From strangers passing in the night, to lifetime loves that spark with new life; join us in the intriguing world of BDSM. No is not a safeword, and this deal is only available for a limited time!


Submission Dance
By: Lori King

Marley Saltzman has a secret fantasy. She wants to let go, and submit to a Dominant. Intrigued by the BDSM lifestyle, she attends a fetish party to indulge her desires. She had no idea how far out of her element she would be until she came face to face with an experienced Dom. Will this dance end in heartache, or will they both find their darkest fantasies fulfilled?


Out of Order
By: Bella Juarez

Journalist Marianna Banta embarks on a search for a faceless drug lord who gunned down her husband, and submissive. When Marianna follows the killer’s bloody trail to Tampa, she finds herself face to face with a man who could derail her quest.
Green Beret MSGT Lars Nielson has returned from the battlefields of the Middle East. Memories of violent, missions have taken up residence in his tortured mind, leaving him broken. He comes to Tampa on a secret quest of his own and finds a challenge. When he takes a job as a bartender at a local BDSM club, he becomes fascinated by the fine art of Shibari, and while tying the intricate knots, his troubled mind finds peace.
When Lars and Marianna meet at her family’s BDSM club, there is an instant attraction they can’t deny. Can Lars coax a lifelong Domme into the coils of his Shibari ropes?


Surrender Her Inhibitions
By: Nicole Morgan

Three years ago Sophia Hunt was on the tail end of a bad break up and in a vulnerable and confused state of mind when she crossed paths with the sexy and seductive J.T. Mastrantonio.
Stuck in a rut and no longer satisfied with his successful life, J.T. finds an unfamiliar ache when the scared girl who ran out on him years earlier walks back into his life.
Though time is not their side, Sophia is faced with the realization that her biggest fears and greatest temptations are one in the same. And only J.T. will be the one who can get Sophia to surrender to her inhibitions.


Make Believe Submissive
By: Daisy Philips

When the Kinky Book Club relocates to the restaurant Maggie owns, she's fascinated by the D/s lifestyle. When they offer her a chance to visit the club, she talks her fiancé Rick into going, thinking it will be fun for a night.
Rick gave up the lifestyle when he fell in love with a vanilla woman. Maggie may be playing the role of a submissive, but he is not pretending to be a Dom.
Will their visit to Club Hades reawaken a need he thought he'd buried? Can Maggie change from being a make-believe submissive to the real deal?


Under His Protection
By: Doris O’Connor

Jacqui Page doesn’t know where to look, when her birthday surprise turns out to be a visit to the local BDSM club. Especially when she spots the one man she’s been secretively lusting after for months. Lukas Markz can’t believe his eyes, when his shy-goody-two-shoes-next door neighbor turns up at his club, dressed as every Dom’s wet dream. The silly girl has no idea what she’s up against. Just as well she’s under his protection. If only he could keep his hands off of her.


By: Julia Sykes

Gwen may bartend at Dark Grove Plantation BDSM club, but she sure as hell doesn’t participate in the kinky acts going on around her. Not anymore. She’s been hurt too many times before.

But everything changes when sexy Dom Damien shows up at Dark Grove and locks his sights on her. He senses her submissive nature and is intrigued when she rebuffs his advances. Determined to take on the challenge, Damien resolves that Gwen will submit to him, no matter what it takes.

Can she resist the unbending Dom who is determined to help her heal? Or will she remain broken?


The Sub That Got Away
By: Amy J. Hawthorn

Dr. Ember Ross dedicated her life to caring for her patients, always putting her needs last—including her need for submission.
Royce Damron has everything he could want in life. The only thing he lacks? The perfect sub.
When mutual friends use a new BDSM dating site to set them up, a clueless Royce takes things one step further, intending to keep their encounter an anonymous one-night stand. Unaware the woman he’s spent years pining for waits beneath the hood he insisted she wear, will he miss the sub that got away?


In His Hands
By: Raven McAllan

In Monsoon season, in Hong Kong, anything can happen… Even so, the last thing Caness Clacher expected was to meet a Dom. The very man who made her want to sink to her knees and say, ‘Yes, Sir’. Unbeknown to her Patrick Lim had waited a long time to claim Caness as his sub. Without electricity and with a monsoon raging, it’s time to explore their desires. Will the elements work in their favor or not… Only time—and a scene—will tell.


By: Sherri Hayes

Logan Mattson has been dating Lily Adams for a year and he wants to do something special for their anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to take her away for the weekend and indulge in all her kinky desires?


Submitting To Temptation
By: Jan Graham

Accepting a positions at her brother’s law firm seemed like a great way for Susan to get back on her feet after a nasty divorce. That was until she met junior partner, Blake Daniels, a man who personifies everything Susan ran away from when she left the BDSM scene years ago—Dominance. Blake is a patient man, and it’s a good thing he is because waiting for Susan Dean is driving him to distraction. Susan is a submissive, he’s sure of it, but getting her to admit that fact is harder than he envisaged. When Blake decides it’s time to make his move, Susan has no option but to admit her true nature and submit to his tempting ways.


Fire and Ice
An Excerpt from KNOTTED
By: Juliet Braddock

What happens when a blizzard immobilizes Manhattan on Valentine’s Day…and a sassy little sub is stuck in her Dungeon with her beloved Dom? With candlelight and a roaring fire to keep them warm on this frigid afternoon, sparks fly between Maxine and Drew as he attempts to cool her down with a bit of tantalizing tenderness…


Yes, Justin
(Expanded Edition)
By: Michele Zurlo

After fifteen years and two kids, the romance has fled from Trish’s marriage. When a friend introduces her to BDSM, she decides it’s what she wants—to have her body and soul mastered by a man who is completely focused on her. And that’s not her husband, whose life revolves around his career.

Justin isn’t shocked when he finds out his wife is planning to cheat on him. They’ve been drifting apart for years, and he hates it. He’ll carry out her kidnap fantasy, fulfill her desire to be dominated, and force her to confront the reasons she wanted to be there in the first place.


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Book Showcase: Unabashed (Overwatch#2) by @SashaWhite #EroticRomance

The follow up to the bestselling novella UNFETTERED is here.

She’s finally found a man who sees her for the woman she is, and she’s not holding back.
Mechanic Veronica “Ronnie” Mack joined the Overwatch club because she’d given up on finding love, and decided to settle for sexual satisfaction. Then Ian, her childhood crush, walked back into her life as one of the club’s Trainers, and proved that their connection was as strong as ever.

Computer guru Ian Johnson’s work kept him busy, with little time for a social life, which is just the way he liked it. Then Ronnie Mack strode into the club, and straight back into his heart. He couldn’t deny the need to make her his own, and now he’s learning that training a sub he’s in love with is a whole new adventure.


When they got to her place, she wasn’t sure exactly what would happen. She’d expected them to do a scene at the club right after their negotiations, but instead Ian had pointed her toward the door and they’d left. She was about to ask why they were leaving when she remembered she’d given him all control whenever they were together, and bit her tongue. It was going to take some getting used to, but not knowing what was going to happen gave her a little thrill.
Okay, a big thrill.
She’d also enjoyed the way he’d guided her to his car, and opened the door for her, handing her into the seat and making sure she buckled up before he closed it. It should’ve felt overbearing, or like he was treating her like a child, but it didn’t. Instead, it made her all warm and soft inside.
Now, as they entered her apartment, she stopped, standing still in the middle of her living room, anticipation making her belly quiver. Ian closed the door, and, after a quick look around the small space, he said simply, “Show me your bedroom.”
She led him down the short hall, the heat of his gaze on the back of her legs making her add a little extra swing to her hips as she went.
“This will do,” he said when he stopped near the end of her double bed. “Take your clothes off and present yourself for me.”
Once she got her boots off, Ronnie made quick work of getting rid of the rest of her clothes. When she was completely naked, she moved in front of Ian and stood straight and tall.
“Hands behind your head, and legs spread,” he directed softly. “I want to be able to see and touch all that you’re offering me.”
As he moved forward, walking slowly around her body, telling her how every Dom had their own preferences as far as protocols went, something new happened. Her mind slowed, and she stopped thinking about what would come next or if he liked her small breasts, and she let herself sink into the energy he was putting out there.
 “You’re going to start learning my preferences now, and I’m going to learn a few of your body’s secrets. When I ask you to come to me, standing straight like that is fine. But when I say present yourself, I want you open so I can do this.” He stroked fingertips down her side, and she sucked in a breath, goose bumps rising on her skin instantly. “Ticklish?”
“A little.”
His hand moved down across her stomach and between her legs. “Or this,” he said as his fingers brushed lightly over the curls covering her sex.
A shiver ripped through her, and he smiled. “You’re very responsive.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
His smile grew, and her insides heated some more. “Let’s see what else you like, shall we?”
He ran his hands over her body, stroking her here, kissing her there, pinching her everywhere, sometimes soft, sometimes hard. It didn’t take him long to discover that she enjoyed having her breasts slapped, but not her ass.
“Ouch!” she’d cried out, dropping her arms and swinging around to stare at him the first time he’d smacked her hard. When she realized what she’d done, she lifted her shoulders and smiled pretty, trying to be cute. “Oops?”
His lips twitched. She saw! Then he took her wrists and placed them back on her head, bent her forward at the waist, and smacked her ass three times hard and fast until it burned. She bit her lip and moaned but didn’t move again. She liked the other touches way better.
Ian smoothed his hand over her fiery cheeks then under to finger her dripping pussy. “Seems your body likes a little bit of pain, doesn’t it, my girl? Or is it the punishment factor you like?”
When she didn’t answer right away, he pulled his fingers out and smacked her again.
“I don’t know!” she said quickly. “I like some roughness, but I’ve never really been a fan of pain. Which is how that feels.”
“And this? How does this feel?” he asked, pinching her right nipple between thumb and forefinger slowly. She moaned, arching her back but trying to not to lean toward him. “Good.”
“Only good?” He let go of her wrists and got a hold of her other nipple.
“Amazing, Sir.”
“Tell me.”
Ronnie struggled to form words to describe what she was feeling. “It’s like my nipples are the posts on a battery and you’re jump-starting my engine. Everything in me is focused right there, and when you squeeze, it all shoots to my–” He squeezed her nipples a little harder, and she went up on her tiptoes, words tumbling from her lips. “To my pussy! To my cunt! Lightning bolts from nipple to cunt.”
Fire lit his eyes up, and he leaned down, slamming his mouth over top of hers. All of a sudden, the gentle teacher was gone, and a master was kissing her. His tongue thrust between her parted lips, taking, tasting, owning her as he sucked away all of her breath. Her knees melted along with her insides, and she let all of her weight go as his arms wrapped around her.
She whimpered, wanting to writhe against him as the pressure built between her thighs. His erection pressed against her belly, but she wanted to feel it lower. She wanted to feel it hot and hard and naked, probing at her entrance.
He pulled back, chuckling evilly as he began to unbutton his shirt. “Hands on the bed, ass to me.”

“Yes, Sir!” she snapped out sassily, moving with an eagerness that should’ve been embarrassing, but wasn’t.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

His Confession: The Black Door Trilogy by Sophia Valentine #eroticromance @SophiaVAuthor

When Gabriella Woods finds matches from a gentlemen’s club in her fiancé’s pocket, her suspicions require a search for answers.

At the club, she realizes it’s not her fiancé’s fidelity that can’t be trusted...
It’s her own.
Darion Milano is daring, intriguing, and unpredictable…
Unable to get him out of her head—and against Darion’s explicit warning—
Gabi begins a torrid affair. No longer fighting the urge to enter the depth of his dark and mysterious lifestyle, she indulges in his most intimate desires.
They become the most exciting, wild, infatuated couple everybody knows.
Until his confession changes everything…
Her heart is telling her to stay.
Her instinct is telling her to run.
She can never match his outrageous ex-wife and become the fun, fearless woman he craves…
Or can she?
Discover a world of sex, secrets, and seduction.


”HIS CONFESSION pulled me through from the first paragraph! The enigmatic Darion practically leapt off the pages and I could picture his every move and facial expression clear as day in my head! This story is definitely one to add to your “want-to-read” list-especially if you love a captivating plot as well as scenes so hot that they fog up your glasses.”  - Kiarra M. Taylor, contemporary romance author of THE QUARTER CHANGE.

”I loved it and I'm excited to read more to find out what happens. Darion is a great guy who was hurt badly and doesn't know how to handle, which in steps Gabi. Love love love her! Hopefully she fights for him! When does the next book come out, as I'm dying to know what comes next! I also hope the girls get their own stories.”  - Susan Flynn, Beta reader Writers club.

"S. Valentine does an exquisite job at creating a dynamic between two characters, both from different worlds, that goes beyond a physical attraction.His Confession is book one in The Black Door Trilogy. It is a fast paced story that is full of hotness and anticipation that heats you up from your head to your toes. Gabi, is tired of always playing it safe. Darion, has demons that he can no longer control. When these two get together, boundaries are pushed, control is tested and emotions run wild.”  - AV. Scott, author of High Heels & New York.

Sophia Valentine