Friday, February 12, 2016

#NewRelease: Fractured Fantasies: Valentine's Venom by Torie James #Erotica #Fantasy @Writergurl216

When Gods collide and an innocent taunt turns into a fascinating challenge, the rules are: There are no rules. Enter a world of wicked intimacy, tempting desires and carnal challenges that ring rife with passion’s promise. With the gauntlet thrown and the stakes rising higher, the lines between agony and ecstasy blur with shattering rapture. And more often than not, we discover too late that simmering desires left unchecked are deadlier than the rest.

Book One: We Wear The Mask

In a sea of burning glances, sensual disguise hides more than a lovely face and vulnerable heart. Step onto a stage of madness where seething shadows breed deadly lies and the discovery of what lies beneath unleashes a storm of merciless passion.

Book Two: Crowning Glory

When a cheating, shameless beauty bends men to the will of her own greedy hunger, the lust of her ever growing appetite proves to be the thorn on which they’re hung. The path to paradise leads down a ruthless road of betrayal and a loving husband’s broken heart and public pride hammer the lesson home.

Book Three: You Never Forget Your First

A brilliant scientist and her adoring husband recall their tender beginnings on the evening that will change the world and their lives forever. But even as joyous wonder unfolds to introduce the next stage in human technology, a chance decision will prove that the echoes of uncommon love last longer than any earthly affection.

((The Excerpt is pretty PG-13 but the book itself is a 4/5 heat rating))
"Enough talk of boobies and wieners." Himeros slurred. "We need more action around here. More fun." He sat back. "I say, we cut loose and have some fun." He glanced at Eros. "You know, like we used to. Before your man card was revoked."
Eros cast his brother a droll look. "Not gonna rise to the bait, bro."
"Hear tell you can't rise to anything much." Himeros accused.
"That's the best you got?"
"Olympian Pissing Contest. Take 400." Kalypso sang.
"It's not a contest. A contest implies competition of which I have none." Eros shot back.
"So, you're saying love trumps all? That its stronger than lust or illusion?" Himeros purred. 
Eros nodded. "Job security."
"I beg to differ. I think lust overpowers." Himeros took a swig form his cup.
"You're both pathetic. Illusion. Hands down." Kalyso hiccupped, waving her hand.
Eros rubbed his head. He already knew how this would end but he was drunk, lonely and bored.
Bad combination.
"Fine. Let's see who's right then."
His half brother and sister howled, Kalypso nearly falling from her chair in happiness.
"Now you're talking. Rules?" She asked.
Himeros sneered. "Rules? What are you? New? There are no rules."
"Even better!"
Eros studied his buffed nails. "Who wants to go first?"
"Me." Kalypso jumped up. "I've kept my eye on this little morsel for a while now. And it's all coming together finally. Anyone fancy a bit of French Food?" She crowed, waving a hand in the air, turning them all to smoky gold swirls and vanishing from the Great Hall.
Moments later, all three perched atop the curling bannister of a dual, winding staircase crowded over with hapless mortals. Each used their powers to remain invisible, observing only.
Kalypso clapped happily, pointing down and singling out a man. "There he is." She quickly told her brothers the game being played and sat back, smugly.
"Submitted for your approval, boys..."

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