Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who’s Running the Show?

Do you ever wonder who is running things when you are writing a story?  I do.

Sometimes, actually most of the time, my characters have a tendency to run off on tangents and take me in directions I never intended when I started to write their story. 

The first one to really dig his heels in on me was Kyle, the sexy merman from my as yet unpublished novel, Forbidden Waters.  He decided, quite stubbornly, that he wasn’t going to wait around for his merman lover to get his act together, and instead set his sights on someone else and that was that.  This caused quite a bit of trouble for me since it meant a drastic re-write of large portions of the story, hence why it is still unpublished at the present time.

However, stubborn mermen aside, most of my characters go at least in the vague direction of where I intended them to.  At least until Machidiel and Alastor arrived on the scene.

The initial spark of inspiration for this story was the idea of an angel and a demon falling for the same mortal man, who had to choose between them.  Simple enough, right?  It was my intention to write this one as a short story for Silver Publishing’s open call for Halloween stories last year, but that never really happened. 

The more I wrote the scenes between Machidiel and Alastor, the more their chemistry refused to be denied.  Their attraction for each other, as well as Tristan, the mortal in the middle, was evident with every word and every touch they exchanged.  There was no possibility of Tristan being left out in the cold with neither of the others sharing his bed either. 

If anyone had told me a year ago I’d soon be publishing an all male ménage story I would probably not have believed them.  But once I let my characters have free rein that is exactly what I had on my hands.  Three men, all attracted to each other, with both Heaven and Hell against them.  Things heat up pretty quickly and not only in the bedroom. 

On the whole, I’m rather glad I give my characters so much freedom. 

Angel Machidiel (Mac) and demon Alastor have been denying the attraction they feel for each other for centuries because relationships between angels and demons are forbidden.

Things change forever when they both fall for the same mortal man and begin a relationship with him. Together with Tristan, the menage they form is filled with jealousy and insecurities, passion and love. Only time will tell if the relationship they have forged together is made in Heaven or Hell.


Alastor left Tristan sleeping and padded downstairs to the kitchen. He didn't know why he was surprised to see Mac sitting at the table.

"Don't you believe in knocking?" he asked as he filled up the kettle at the sink.

"You gave quite a performance last night," Mac replied. "Was it for my benefit?"

Alastor snorted and set the kettle to boil. "Contrary to what you may believe, my life doesn't revolve around you."

Mac's eyes widened. "Oh, really? I thought perhaps it did, especially considering the amount of time you spent talking about me last night."

"Didn't you ever hear the old saying about eavesdroppers never hearing good about themselves?"

"I wouldn't say that." Mac smirked as he stood up, grabbed three mugs, set them down on the counter, and opened the fridge. "I notice you didn't say you weren't attracted to me."

Alastor picked up a carving knife and started to pick at his nails with the tip.

"Well, aren't you going to say anything?" Mac prodded.

"Like what? You know I'm attracted to you. You've known it for aeons. It doesn't exactly change anything, does it?"

Mac continued to rummage around the fridge. "I guess not. You know I feel the same, right?"

Alastor shrugged and sat down at the table, still concentrating on his nails. "Like I said, it doesn't change anything."

"It might change everything if we both admit we want each other."

Alastor looked up momentarily and saw Mac had turned away from the fridge to stare at him intensely. "How so?"

Mac looked towards the door, perhaps checking they were still alone. "I've been thinking about our situation, and I want more than this."

"More than spying on me when I'm fucking someone else you mean?"

Mac rolled his eyes. "Like you weren't watching me with Tristan last Halloween. I suspect you didn’t stay all night this time, otherwise you’d know I didn’t try to poison Tristan’s mind against you. But I know you followed us back here and watched me take him, wishing it was you."

Alastor shrugged. "I don't deny it. I knew you'd be back last night to watch us. Why do you think I took him on the stairs? Just a few feet away from where you had him up against the wall. Did it turn you on?"

Mac nodded shakily. "That's not why I'm here this morning though. I noticed something last night."

Alastor grinned. "Are you finally going to admit I've got a bigger package than you?"

"Certainly not. Don't you want to know what it was?"

Alastor gestured for him to continue.

"You called out Tristan's name when you came." Mac leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. "What do you think about that?"

"Huh?" Alastor furrowed his brow. "I was having sex with him; what did you expect?"

"I expected you to call out my name," Mac explained. "Just like you have every time you've got laid for centuries now. Why do you think so many men you sleep with kick you out of bed as soon as they've recovered?"

"How long have you been spying on me?" Alastor questioned.

Mac leaned forward and Alastor could feel his warm breath against his ear. "For as long as you've been watching me."

Alastor felt his groin tighten.

Mac placed his hand lightly on Alastor's thigh. "For the first time in as long as we've been doing this you were with someone else, and I mean really with him. You want Tristan more than you've ever wanted anyone, except perhaps me."

"I don't do relationships," Alastor reminded him.

"Perhaps it's time you did," Mac suggested. His hand continued to lightly rub along Alastor's thigh.

Alastor's voice was barely more than a whisper when he replied. "With Tristan?"

Mac's hand stilled. "Yes, and with me."

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Intimate Confessions is NOW AVAILABLE

Intimate Confessions (MF)  Intimate Temptations 2

By: Nicole Morgan | Other books by Nicole Morgan | Notify me of Nicole Morgan's new releases
Word Count: 61,465
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, M/F with elements of M/F/M, public exhibition, light consensual BDSM, M/M/M and F/F elements not involving hero or heroine, HEA for MF]

When Derek met Sandi, all the pieces of his life fell into place, but the young and inexperienced Sandi wanted desperately to discover who she was and pushed Derek away in search of something she was missing.

Devastated from losing Sandi, Derek arrives at Pleasure Seekers, an estate which specializes in play of the adult variety, anxious to start his new life. A chance encounter with the very woman he was trying to forget brings his plans to a screeching halt.
Angry and wanting nothing more than to hurt her the way she had him, he sets out to do just that. Only Sandi has changed in their time apart and is willing to do anything to get him back in her life again.

Old wounds and intimate confessions come to the surface as the couple faces the choice of forgiving or forgetting the only person they’ve ever loved.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Intimate Temptations

Intimate Persuasions  Intimate Confessions (MF)