Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CONTEST: What's your Yummy Pleasure?

It's been a while since I've had a contest for no reason other than the sheer pleasure of it so that's what this contest is for... YUMMY PLEASURE

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, their own wants and needs, that goes without saying. But then there are cravings. Those things that make you wild and crazy. Things that bring you past the point of all reason and bring out our uninhibited and primal side. Aren't those sides when we're at our best? ~Insert wicked grin here~

I currently have 7 books released. They are, Intimate Persuasions, Sudden Devotion, Love Knows No Boundaries, The Sweet Awakenings (Navy SEAL) Series and my newest release, Beck and Call. In this contest all you have to do is click on the links for my books. Read the book blurb to get a glimpse into the characters. Tell me who your yummy would be.Which one of these characters, male or female would bring you to the point of no return. Which of them would make you at their mercy, willing to do anything and everything they asked?

If any of you naughty little readers and writers wish to add in anything extra, such as what cravings you have, or what you would do if pushed to the point of no return...well...far be it for me to stop you. Post whatever your wicked little minds can conjure up. 

Leave me your comments and answers below. I will draw 3 winners on October 1st. The book you reference will be the one you win, unless you indicate another preference in your comment. 
*All prizes will be awarded in eBook format

Good Luck! And Happy YUMMY PLEASURE Hunting!

Monday, September 26, 2011

☆ 4 Stars from Sensual Reads ☆


       "A lot of fun, Jenny can be a bit of a pistol when she is trying to push Beck away, but Beck only finds her more irresistible." 

      Jenny Jacobsen has catered her life into making the resort she manages succeed, no matter what.  Even with a new boss constantly wanting to know every move she makes, she puts the job first and does what needs to be done.  When Beck shows up wanting the maintenance job, she has to turn him away saying it  has already been filled.  Beck is not easily distracted, and finds Jenny in a precarious situation, wet, on the floor, and trying her best to fix a leaky pipe.  Beck knows two things, one he can fix anything and two he wants Jenny.
     A lot of fun, Jenny can be a bit of a pistol when she is trying to push Beck away, but Beck only finds her more irresistible.  Some really humorous moments, Jenny seems to be a little accident prone and Beck is always is in the right place at the right time.  Great book to put your feet up with.

Reviewed by Emily
You can see the entire review HERE
Sensuality Rate: Sizzling


Thursday, September 8, 2011

✧ Happy Birthday ✧

Yay! It's my birthday! It's finally here. Time for presents and all sorts of fun! Plus, I've been dating this gorgeous guy from the football team...I've got tickets to see Def Leppard and Motley Crue in concert soon...Homecoming is right around the corner and....ohhhhh....*sigh*...that's right...I am NOT 17 anymore. Hmm...

Don't you love it when life catches up to you and you realize your youth is completely and utterly gone? Yep...me neither. LOL. The thing is, I'm not sure where mine went, or when it left. I mean for all intents and purposes I'm a grown up now. And the fact that, that doesn't scare me tells me that I think I've been one for awhile. Wow. Epiphany's come out of nowhere and just smack you in the face don't they? 

So, I'm not 17 anymore, and I have adult responsibilities now just like my parents used to go on about.  My days of  making sure my black Mustang was clean and shiny before the weekend festivities are gone.  They've now been replaced with dreading going to fill up the gas tank.  I no longer am having to choose between which party I should go to on Friday night and which boy is cuter. Instead the parties are fewer and fewer as friends old and new are also no longer 17.  And boys are no longer of interest, but MEN...well...they are a quite a delight. :) 

Now...before all of you start trying to do the math between Def Leppard and Motley Crue's hay day of success and try to figure out how old I am, FORGET IT! I will never tell. Because its not how old I am that matters but how young I feel. So that pesky number means nada, zilch, nothing. In my mind, I am still young at heart. And as long as the young guys at the liquor store keep carding me with a smile and wink I feel confident that my way of thinking isn't so far off. :)

Now...everyone always says, "What do you want for your birthday?" And I'm supposed to come up with an answer that not only is reasonable but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Really the question is pointless then because I'm a woman and don't we all want it all? LOL. Seriously though, my wishes would be more for others. An end to war would be nice. World peace with no more hurt or wounded, not to mention those that are dying. Or perhaps an end to world suffering. No more hunger or disease. An end to violence. No more murderers, rapists or predators. Wouldn't we all want for so much less if we lived in a world so full of peace?

But since I don't think any of you can make those things happen I figured I'd conjure up a little contest.  So here goes...

If you were lucky enough to stumble upon a genie in a bottle who said whatever 3 wishes you wanted he would grant, WHAT would you wish for? 

Leave me a comment telling me what your 3 wishes would be. On Monday morning, 9/12/11 I will use my highly sophisticated and scientific method of writing your names down and throwing them all in a hat and drawing 2 names from random.  If you want to play but aren't much of a reader, simply put below your comment I needn't throw your name in the hat. :)

1st name drawn will win an eBook copy of Beck and Call, my newest release.
2nd name drawn will win an eBook of your choice from my back list.