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Sensuous Promo’s Book Tour for Fairy Dust by Carol Shenold

Welcome to the next stop in Sensuous Promo’s Book Tour for Carol Shenold’s, Fairy Dust.

Can a half-fairy and a were wolf find true love and save the world the same day?

Fairy Dust by Carol Shenold

Half fae/half witch, Ande Ryan’s deepest desires are simple: a stress-free, fun evening with a nice guy, to earn the respect of her peers in the Paranormal Investigation Unit, and at long last, learn to use her Goddess given fae magic.

Instead, she fights a demon, gets mugged by a pixie, meets her soul mate and oh yeah, has to try and defeat a wizard with the help of a six-foot elf and a wolf—Cal Masterson.

Cal had no idea that his first encounter with Ande Ryan would include a fight with a demon or an intense attraction to the red-haired fairy who displays as much courage and determination as any wolf in his pack. Will Cal overcome his need to protect her as they both fight the odds and allow her fulfill her destiny?

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The thing coming at me barreled out of the trees, leaping from shadow to shadow.

Its rotten-meat smell drove me back. It didn’t hesitate before it threw itself at the circle shield. Sparks flew off, crackling in the air and weakening the shield. It kept coming, like the crazy it was, slamming itself into the arc, weakening it more and more until one of the impacts threw me back, into my own energy and through it. 

Okay, out of protection here. I threw myself over to land on my knees and came up in a crouch.

The ghoul looked around as if it couldn’t figure out where I went. When it saw me, it let out a snarl and flew toward me. I sent a stream of earth fire at his sorry ass but missed because I levitated at the precise moment I let the stream of fire loose. Ahhhhh.

It always happens at the wrong time. If I ever get control of the flying thing, it will be so great. 

Now the darkling was truly confused, and I sent another tiny but forceful fire stream toward him. This time I didn’t miss, and he burst into flame, at least his arm did.

He screamed with frustration because he couldn’t see where I was, flailed around a bit, and ran back into the trees.

“Damn it.” I needed down before the hell dog came back so I could get rid of it.

What if some kid came along. Not one child but several, in a group, with a leader came skipping toward the bridge. Damn, I shouldn’t have had that thought out-loud.

“Go back,” I yelled as loud as I could. “Hurry. Run.” The kids were chattering at the top of their lungs. The leader tried to push them faster, wanting out of the park before the sun set altogether I guessed. They didn’t hear a word I said.

Shadows crept toward them, and one shadow moved away from the others. It was back and heading straight toward the kids.

“Up here, idiot. Leave the kids alone. I’m your prey. Come on, use that one cell you have for a brain.”

“Oomph.” I dropped like a dead fairy, directly in front of the thing. I was toast.

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Page Turner Book Tours Presents Airion: Return to Zire by J.S. Council

Title: Airion: Return To Zire

Author: J.S. Council

Series: Airion Series

Genre: Young Adult Epic Fantasy

Publisher: Self Published

Formats Available In: Paperback, Ebook (HTML, Kindle, Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc, Plain Text (download), Plain Text (View)

Blurb: Aside from his outward appearance, Kobi is a normal thirteen-year-old boy. Living with his mother, his father, and his identical twin brother, Raili, with whom he spends most days at the cove watching dolphins and whales feed, he is happy with his life just the way it is. But his fourteenth birthday is coming and Kobi has no idea how much his life is about to change.

            When Raili is pulled through a puddle in the floor of their second floor bedroom by a monster armed with poisonous, spiked tentacles, Kobi goes in after him. What he finds isn’t Raili, but a new world all together, buried beneath the ocean. With a bounty on his head that has been there since he and Raili’s birth, Kobi will have to learn to fight or die before he can be reunited with Raili again. Everything he knew to be true was a lie.

            People he loved and trusted are not who they seem. He isn’t the normal boy he thought himself to be. A transformation is coming. Raili is gone. Blood is shed. Traitors lurk, waiting for their chance. War is inevitable. The fate of the world of Airion rests in his hands. The Wiseone speaks. Failure is certain.

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About The Author:

“Although I didn’t fully commit to making writing my life’s work until my sophomore year of college, I have always been a writer at heart. I was the only student in class to get excited about school papers, even asking to write a few for extra credit on occasion. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Creative Writing – Fiction. After graduating, I moved to Japan where I wrote most of my debut novel, Airion: Return to Zire and all of my second novel Airion: Light and Dawn – the first two of a four book series. Japan was a peaceful place to just sit and write, but life in Japan was also filled with adventure. However much I loved it there, I had to return home to do what I love most. Write.”

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           “We think Raili is in Cella,” said Kobi, his eyes still to the floor.

            “That’s terrible,” said Winiki, covering her mouth. “What can I do?”

            “Nothing,” said Trayn before anyone else could speak.

            “But Trayn!” Winiki protested.

            “You’re too young and it’s too dangerous,” said Trayn, picking up the red Shikai, which glowed much brighter than when Kobi held it.

            “I’m not a child!” said Winiki. “I want to fight!”

            “No,” said Trayn in a tone that marked the end of discussion.

            Winiki’s eyes swelled with tears. “That’s not fair,” she said in a barely audible voice. “You’ve been training for years. I’m nearly thirteen and I’m not allowed to even hold a sword. Where’s the justice in that?”

            Trayn calmly lifted the black Shikai from the table.

            “Will you kill and die by the sword, Winiki?” said Trayn, looking at the orb glow brightly in his hand. Winiki said nothing. “Are you willing to die, but fight to live? Would you kill without hesitation but show mercy to an enemy who would kill you without thought? Do you even know what that means?”

            With tears streaming down her face, Winiki took the black Shikai from Trayn’s hand and gracefully held it up in front of her as it burned brightly; maybe even brighter than before. Trayn, Rick, and Kobi stared at Winiki with parted lips and wide eyes as she placed the orb back into Trayn’s hand.

            “I have just as much right to the sword as you, Trayn Saio,” said Winiki. She turned to Kobi and hugged him. “I’m glad you’re back,” she whispered, old tears making her face cold against his cheek. “I’ve waited my whole life to meet you and Raili. I will do my part, I promise.”

            She left without a second glance at Trayn, leaving the smithy in silence.

            “I would forge that girl a sword right now if I didn’t think your father would have my head for it,” said Rick, still staring at the entryway.

            “He isn’t the one who would have your head,” said Trayn, staring at the black Shikai. “Win has been interested in the sword since she first saw one. But on her first attempt to use one, she badly cut herself. Mother became very upset and banned Winiki from the sword, suggesting that the girls of the Royal Family start being healers above all, and leaving the actual fighting to the men. Win was still quite young and fascinated by mother’s healing techniques, so there was little protest. But, with age, she’s starting to rebel. She wants to be a Heal Warrior, like all women of the Royal Family have. I’ve caught her twice on the practice grounds at midnight, teaching herself how to move. Even I have to admit, she’s making great progress, even on her own. With decent training, she could maybe even surpass our mother’s skill.”

            “You haven’t told Kai Ventra.” Rick said this more like a statement than a question.

            Trayn shook his head. “Sadly, I know how she feels,” he said, rolling the black Shikai on the table with his palm. It flicked irregularly. “I cannot blame Win for a desire that I too possess. It’s like blaming a fish for wanting to swim. But I can’t help her disobey our mother. Father also understands Winiki’s passion, but even he has spoken no word against the ban, and he’s the King.”

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HOT NEW RELEASE from Natalie Acres #BDSM #EroticRomance

From the Siren-Bookstrand bestselling ménage romantic thriller series, Cowboy Boots, comes a new division of the Underground Unit and an unforgettable M/F BDSM romantic thriller.

International bestselling eBook and trade paperback author Natalie Acres presents a new line of BDSM novellas for her Cowboy Boots series. Known for writing ménage BDSM thrillers and western contemporaries, Natalie introduces The Underground Club starting with Underground-Las Vegas and a familiar operative many readers grew to love in Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business.

Readers following the Cowboy Boots series will we see recognizable faces in The Underground Clubs. They’ll also soon meet a number of new sexy Alpha Underground Unit operatives as well.

Some extraordinary surprises are in store for readers of BDSM M/F erotic romances so grab a cool beverage, load up your favorite e-reader, and replenish those batteries in your favorite toy. We’re all set for an explosive new novella debuting at Siren Publishing on June 3rd

Start with Book One in the Cowboy Boots series or pick up your copy of Cowboy Boots and Inexpressible Longing and follow The Underground Clubs saga, a new beginning for the Underground Unit operatives with more installments on the way! 

Reviews for Cowboy Boots
The Cowboy Boots Series~2011 Nominee for Best Series All Around in LR Cafe's Loop

4.5 STARS: "Cowboy Boots and Untamed Hearts is ménage to a degree not normally seen. The sex scenes of BDSM are not for the faint of heart but they are all consensual. The intricate nuances of relationships play out against a backdrop of danger that adds even more spice to this red hot offering... AlexJouJou, Manic Readers

“If you like cowboys, horses, men and sex that pushes the envelope, you're in for a helluva ride with Cowboy Boots & Untamed Hearts!"  -- Rie McGaha, Rie's Reviews

“Very seldom will you find an erotic romance with such a deep and pain-filled thread running throughout. Kelsie’s cancer touches all of the characters in this story, and you get a close and intimate look at how it tears at the heart and soul of these five men, as well as the newcomer, Veronica. The pain and suffering is not sugar-coated at all but then neither is the heat and passion they all share…"
-- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More

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