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Day 3 of Tina Donahue's Book Tour

If you’ve been following my book tour, you probably know that Appointment with Pleasure is my first series for Ellora’s Cave. Book One, Claiming Magique (coming August 31), is the steamiest and most romantic erotic romance I’ve ever written.
Here’s the cover, blurb and a brief excerpt to give you an idea of the story.
I’m also offering a contest – the tour winner will have her choice of THREE of my backlist ebooks. So, read on!! And leave comments at each of my stops (check my blog daily for details: ) for your chance to win! The more comments, the better your chances.

Claiming Magique
Book One – Appointment with Pleasure series
Tina Donahue
A man at the center of power…a woman who won’t be ruled…
They call her Magique.
Sought out by the District’s elite, she’s no ordinary call girl, deciding who will pleasure her for the evening. Her preference is for several men at once. Games of bondage and submission heighten her arousal and desire to have a strong male take her…to be adored.
Lobbyist Hunter Prescott was only looking for a good time, not a woman who unleashes a hunger so deep it changes his world. He won’t stop until Magique is his alone, a prisoner of his lust, powerless against his growing need for her body and heart.
With this man, resistance isn’t allowed. For this woman, he’ll create a world of sensual delight and yearning like none she’s known. Proving that only with trust and true surrender will she find unparalleled rapture. 

She’s not your ordinary call girl.
Hunter Prescott recalled that assertion he’d heard from a client—or was it simply a tease—as he and his friends arrived at the private residence on R Street.
The historic building was three stories and of a French design, its fa├žade a pale yellow. To the average individual it might have belonged to a senator or housed a foreign dignitary, rather than being used for what Hunt knew would go on in its rooms tonight. A female intent on pleasure greeting him, her delicate hands stroking the planes of his body, her sweet little tongue licking his balls and cock, preparing his shaft for her welcoming cunt.
Warmth settled in his groin, radiating to his belly and thighs.
It was an effort, but he waited on the sidewalk, his erection hurting as Tim paid the cabdriver in cash and David scanned the tree-lined street, ever alert to see if they’d been set up.
Not an impossible prospect. The public loathed Washington’s lobbyists—known as K Streeters in this part of the world—even though they fought for policy that made sense and kept things equal in a decidedly unequal world. Hunt figured some reporters would have given up their own vices for a chance to expose him and his friends in a compromising position, bringing them down, along with the international corporations they represented.
While the risk worried David, it energized Hunt. Heat continued to suffuse his body. He lifted his face to the cooling breeze, mild with spring, perfumed by the area’s ubiquitous cherry blossoms. Falling petals danced on air currents before raining down, creating a surreal scene some might have found romantic and sensual. The deserted street was almost too quiet. Even the night seemed to be waiting for what would happen next.
The name she uses is Magique.
French for magic. According to Hunt’s client, who’d paid close to twenty grand for tonight’s “date”, Magique was available only when the mood hit her.
Hunt had laughed at the notion, asking, “Seriously?”
“You won’t be grinning if she doesn’t choose you,” Jack Kilhan had said.
Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

*** CONTEST ***

To celebrate the release of Claiming Magique on August 31, I’m offering a contest. One lucky commenter during this blog tour will have her choice of THREE of my following ebooks**:
1. Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
2. Deep, Dark, Delicious – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Holt Medallion Award of Merit
3. Lush Velvet Nights – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Golden Nib Award
4. In His Arms – SIX 5 Star Reviews; 4 Stars RT
5. Sensual Stranger – 2010 Book of the Year (erotic); 4 Stars RT
6. The Yearning – Top Ten Bestseller
7. Take Me Away - #1 Pick, Miz Love Loves Books
8. Unending Desire – Best Book Rating LASR
9. SiNN – Nominated for Book of the Week LASR
** Winner chosen at random. Winner chosen September 13

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29 Days until the release of This Blackened Night, The Order: Book 3!

Every author has a set of characters more dear to their hearts than any others. In most cases, this stems from these characters being among the first ever created. I won't claim Lori and Terrence were my very first, but they did come close. Their first book, Stalking Shade, which released in 2011, was originally written in 2007. And rewritten. And rewritten.

And now it feels like a dear friend is moving away. With the release of This Blackened Night on September 24th, 2012, the trilogy will come to an end. Lori might be a prickly character, not easy for anyone but Terrence to love, but I had a lot of fun with her. When I wrote this third book late last year, I dragged my feet to see it finished for the same reason. I didn't want to let the pair of them go. A not-so-secret part of me is hoping for an overwhelming response from readers asking me to continue so I have an excuse to revisit my favorite characters.

For now, I'm counting down the days until the third book releases. Maybe you'll fall in love with Lori and Terrence every bit as fiercely as I have. Lori might be stubborn in pushing people away, but Terrence is the most persistent character I've ever written. Good thing, too.

Join me in celebrating the release of the third book a bit early with this short, sweet teaser excerpt:

ThisBlackened Night by L.K. Below

With murders cropping up all around, who should she trust?

After months of searching, Lori finally scrounges up a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing leader of her secret organization. But her vision isn't encouraging--it points to her vampire companion Terrence as the culprit.

Terrence is adamant that he isn't at fault. Even though she knows she might be walking into a trap, she follows his lead to a shabby island port. When her informants start turning up dead with puncture wounds in their necks, Lori wonders just how well she knows Terrence. And why does he act different during the search than in their hotel room?

Lori doesn't know who to trust anymore. She only hopes that she won't be the next victim.

Six Sweet Sentences from the book:

“One bed?” Was it too much to ask for two? She was uncomfortable enough sharing a room with Terrence, even if he fronted the bill.

Terrence herded her inside and shut the door. “Relax, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

If he expected her to object, he was wrong.

Learn more about the series as a whole on the Lyrical Press, Inc. website:

Read a longer excerpt from This Blackened Night at

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Bio: If L.K. Below gets far too attached to her characters, well, that's because they're interesting people. Read two of her favorites in her urban fantasy series, The Order

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This title is offered at a 10% discount through midnight CST, August 30th.  

         Warren Murphy spent his adult years working for Leroy Jenkins, the local cattle baron. He loved his job almost as much as he did women. He was loving life as one of the most sought after bachelors in the county.

      Amber Jenkins is the only heir to Jenkins fortune and the apple of her granddaddy’s eye. Years of growing up around Warren had turned her teenage girl fantasies into a love that she couldn’t ignore. Despite her attempts at seduction, he pushes her away and out of his life.

     Tragedy soon strikes and the two are face to face with one another on a daily basis. Warren finds it increasingly hard to deny his attraction toward Amber and is left with a choice. Does he give in to something he craves so desperately? Or does he let her go, knowing that he had never known a seduction as intimate and sweet as hers?

Get your copy and read HOT & STEAMY eXcerpts HERE 

You can also read the entire 1st Chapter for FREE HERE

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Erotic Bad Libs Blog Hop

Lea BarrymireWelcome to the Erotic Bad Libs Blog Hop. I'm #4 on this erotically 'bad' hop and there are many prizes to be won, not to mention the fun we can all have! A big thank you to Lea Barrymire for organizing such an original and fun way for us all to hop along the world wide web.

Remember Mad Libs? Who doesn't right? They were so much fun. They were a great way to have some giggles with our friends. But, then we grew up and forgot all about them, until we were innocently perusing the novelty section of an adult shop and we found Bad Libs. It's the same thing we used to have fun with as a child, only now they have the more grown up version. Lea Barrymire provided us hoppers with a blank Bad Lib form which is great. I was going to post the entire form, but remember how much fun it can be if the person providing the words doesn't know how the story is laid out. So, I've chosen the last 2 paragraphs of it for a fun little game and contest. In a comment below give me the following: 

noun, noun, weather-type, verb, noun, adjective, noun, noun, verb, animal, noun, verb, adverb, noun, verb, plural noun, noun, noun, adverb (in that order). Also leave me your email address. When the hop is over I will choose one lucky winner and post their answers along with the form showing how their answers made the story evolve.  Also, that winner will receive a free eBook copy of any of my current releases. Winner's choice! 

Now, the fun doesn't stop here. Please stop by the other members of the blog hop participant's below by just clicking on their name. 

Badlibs Blog Participants:
1. Lea Barrymire (int)  6. Cassandra Carr  11. Casey Crow (INT)  
2. Cara Michaels  7. Becca Simone  12. Kelli Scott  
3. Siobhan Muir (INT)  8. Lolita Lopez  13. Hennessee Andrews  
4. Nicole Morgan  9. Roz Lee  14. Jan Graham  
5. Alysha Ellis  10. Kasey Dean