Monday, February 13, 2012

Cynthia Arsuaga stops by...

Cynthia Arsuaga stops by to tell us about the first installment (Cassidy's Fantasy), of her Valentine's Day short story series. Three others follow. (a story for each woman--Katie's Fantasy is next, followed by Demetra's Fantasy and finally Nataly's Fantasy). I'm sure after reading about Cassidy's Fantasy you will want to read about them all.


Come on an erotic ride in a 1976 Bubble Gum Pink Cadillac Fleetwood limousine to a mysterious nightclub where the VIP package fulfills the fantasies of four women. Mistress Claudine, the owner and hostess at Nightfall, invites each woman in for her choice of pleasure. Beware, no fantasy is beyond reach once night falls.


Accompany Cassidy Morgan as she discovers how one night with a dark and deliciously dangerous man satisfies the craving to be claimed—to experience and learn the meaning of belonging to a vampire.

With the scene over, Cassidy feels disappointment that the time ended. As the night falls into morning, a new man walks into her life. In the end, will she get more than she paid for?

Four Women, Four Fantasies. The Night Falls for One.


“Good evening ladies. My name is Mistress Claudine, your hostess and owner of Nightfall.” 

The husky, sultry voice of the woman greeting them sent tingles over Cassidy’s skin. So far, everyone they encountered tonight gave her the same reaction. Despite the chills, the mysterious Mistress of the club had to be the most attractive woman Cassidy ever met, but in an eerie kind of way. “Come with me, the table is ready. Which one of you is Miss Cassidy?”

“I’m Cassidy.”

“Are you and your friends enjoying the VIP fantasy package thus far?”

Cassidy glanced over her shoulder and spied the expression on their faces, and smiled, “Yes, very much, thank you.”

“Excellent, we aim to please and fulfill every fantasy to the fullest. Who will be the first victim?”

The four friends gasped and their eyes widened in shock at the statement.

“Oh, forgive me. Just a little fantasy humor. So, who shall I escort to their room first?

“Um, I guess me,” Cassidy said.

“Here we are, ladies. Greg is your server tonight and when I return, I’ll escort each of you to the individual rooms, beginning with Cassidy. Please enjoy your stay at Nightfall where all fantasies are fulfilled.”


With outstretched arms, she tugged his head down and pressed her lips to his cooler pair, which quickly warmed to her oral caress. An urgent, wanton tongue swiped along the seam of his mouth. The sweet taste of honey filled her senses.

Unable to keep a groan from passing her lips, his mouth opened, inviting entry. The kiss deepened. His tongue returned the proffer of invasion. She eagerly sucked him into her warmth. The delicious faint taste of the champagne still lingered and mingled with his. The quick surge of pleasure surprised her.

Breaking the embrace, he worked his magic down her body, kissing and nibbling along the way. He slid between her thighs, and wrapped his arms around her legs, pushing them apart.

Was this really happening? Ohmigod yes!
With a delicate rush of air, he began to blow gently on her pussy, sending shivers through her entire body. How long has it been since a man has done this to me? Before she could finish her thoughts, she felt the warm glide of his tongue slide up and in between the slick folds surrounding her entrance. She flinched as he held her thighs, spreading them further apart, and with firm hands, began to massage them.

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