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Hot in Handcuffs Giveaway Blog Hop

Hello all you naughty hoppers, welcome to the Hot in Handcuffs Giveaway Blog Hop sponsored by Under the Covers Book Blog. This blog hop is for the naughtiest of the naughty in us all. From ménage a trois to sex toys, to spanking to BDSM  to role playing or maybe a little of guy on guy/girl on girl action. Let's face it, we all have our little "things" that drive us crazy. Whatever your "thing" is, whatever drives you insane with lust and wanton desire, there is surely something out there to wet your whistle! Along this blog hop I'm sure you will find something that fits your fetish or kink. So, delve in, hop along and lose yourself Under the Covers and get HOT! 

For this blog hop I decided to highlight my book Intimate Confessions [Intimate Temptations 2] since that one has a little bit of everything listed above - literally!  Normally I'd leave you all with an eXcerpt to tempt and tease, but I decided to give you three, just to prove how many delightfully naughty things happen in this story. After you read the excerpts, leave a comment below with your favorite one (along with your email address) and 2 lucky winners will receive an eBook copy of Intimate Confessions

Excerpt #1

She was the first to pull away and look back at the men. Derek had again been lost in a moment with her and completely had forgotten about them. Unbelievably, they were still in there.
“Look at that,” she whispered, her head now leaning back against his chest.
“Yes. I see them. Tell me what you see.” Please, he said to himself.
“It’s so beautiful. Look at how they’re all so focused on making each other feel good. The way Aiden is taking him in his mouth, do you see the look in his eyes? I know that look. I know how that feels. When you can’t get enough of that person.” She brought his hand up to her mouth and kissed it. “It’s how I feel when I do that to you. It’s such a feeling of dire need. Like all I will ever need is you inside of my mouth. Stretching and working my jaw as you hit the back of my throat.”
“Baby, you are so good to me.” He felt strangely tender in that moment despite what they were watching.
Her hand reached up over her and covered his mouth. “Please let me finish.”
He smiled. “Sure, go ahead.”
“Look at how Zach and the other man are watching each other. Do you see how they’re alternating their thrusts as though to not give Aiden too much at once? And how Zach’s hand hasn’t stopped stroking him? It’s like they’re taking care of him. This isn’t just about three men fucking. They’re taking care of one another.”
Jesus. He didn’t know how, but he was starting to see what she was saying.
“Look at Zach’s face, Derek. Look at how close you can tell he is. He keeps slowing down and clenching his jaw. He won’t stop, though, because as long as Aiden is moaning and his body is rocking between them, they’re going to keep fucking him.”
She turned around and placed her hands on his chest. “It’s so beautiful, Derek. When I see things like that, when I see people giving each other pleasure, I don’t see anything other than beauty. And then it makes me ache for you.”

Excerpt #2

He knew his sexual urges always contradicted one another. One minute he could be craving a man’s cock and the next a woman’s pussy. He looked at it as a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Despite those urges, he pushed them aside. Derek was not into men, and this night wasn’t about either one of them anyway. Just Sandi, it was all about giving her what she wanted.
The silence was almost peaceful as both men stood before her, holding their hardness in their hands, completely ready for her, but her eyes were almost glued to Derek.
“Get on the bed, and kneel in front of her,” Derek directed him.
He was all too happy to do exactly as his good friend told him, completely sure he knew what would happen next.
On the bed, he knelt before her. Her mouth was a mere inch from him. He was aching for her to lick the pre-cum sitting on the head, but her eyes were still locked with Derek’s.
“Look at what he has for you. Take him in your mouth,” Derek said to her.
His knees almost buckled beneath the awesome feeling of having her mouth wrap around him. He couldn’t help but thrust into her when she first slid him deeper into her mouth, touching the back of her throat.
“How does that feel, baby? Do you like having him fuck your mouth?”
Zach had no idea what had gotten into Derek, but his friend seemed to be a completely different person. His voice and everything about him seemed to be that of a stranger. He wasn’t complaining. The difference was a turn-on. He chided himself for having thoughts of Derek again. He placed his hands in Sandi’s hair, redirecting his concentration.
She must have liked the caresses he was giving her because her body started to rock back and forth against him as she moaned.
Derek got on the bed behind her, the head of his erection brushing up against her bottom. He reached down underneath her and fingered her. Sounds of wetness echoed in the room.

Excerpt #3

“Turn around, spread your legs, and place your hands high up on the wall.” His curt tone was meant to do one thing and one thing only. Excite her. The flush that rose in her cheeks told him it did just that. He watched her do exactly as he said, but didn’t think she’d spread her legs far enough apart.
“I said spread your legs.” He brought his hand back and slapped it across one of her cheeks. “Prove to me how badly you want my cock pumping your pussy.”
There it was again. She gasped. Not like she had minutes before, but she was close. Holy hell! His sweet Sandi, the love of his life, liked it rough and dirty sometimes.
“I’m waiting.” He slapped his hand across the other ass cheek. He was taken aback at first by the hand print appearing from the first slap, but despite his shock, his cock twitched and became unbearably hard at the sight.
He came up behind her, bent his knees slightly, positioned his head against her sopping wet hole, and whispered into her ear, “What do you want?”
“Fuck me!” She screamed the words so loud, it caught the attention of the men in the other room. All their heads turned.
Derek made eye contact with Zach. It was odd for a moment, but a strange bond of understanding came in the form of a nod as Zach and the other men suddenly stopped moving slow and began pumping at Aiden fiercely.
He thrust inside of her hard and fast, his head hitting the deepest parts of her. “Look at them,” he demanded as he reached around and pinched her nipples.
She squealed, and he wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or pain, so he loosened his hold.
“Harder, Derek. Please harder!” She wasn’t whimpering or asking. She was shouting.
This was it! This was what he’d been waiting for from her. “What, baby? Your nipples? What?”
“God, both! Fuck me harder. Squeeze my nipples harder! Everything!”
Pumping into her harder and faster, pinching her nipples, and doing everything she asked for, he felt her whole body shaking. He didn’t think he’d ever felt it so good before. Her insides seemed to be grabbing onto him and holding him so tightly with every time he thrust so deep inside her.
His concentration broke for a moment when he heard howls coming from the other room. The three men were starting to come, and from the moans Sandi was making and the way her body was moving with his, he knew she was close.
That's all for the excerpts, leave your comment below (with email address) of what your favorite is and be sure to stop by any of the other hops on the blog listed below.
There are many prizes to be won!!! 

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Happy Hoppin' Everyone!


pc said...

Ooh, all the excerpts were steamy...but my favorite was #3! Thank you for sharing, Nicole! Now I must go to check this book out!

Unknown said...

Wow, I have to choose? I think three was my fave! Thanks so much!
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Rhonda D said...

Wow! I will definitely be grabbing that book. OMG that was super hot! I loved all the excerpts, but the one in Zach's perspective was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Wowza! #3 was my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!


Anonymous said...

Forgot to add my email ~ misbaglady@yahoo.com

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Excerpt #2! Thanks for the giveaway!

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Liked them all but my favorite was #3.
Thanks for the giveaway.
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spmcbee said...

its so hard to choose. they each hit a different erotic button. definitely want this book. im picking #1 for the emotions. 3 is the hottest scene but 1 was the perfect set-up.
thank you for the exerps

Jyl22075 said...

All three were good but my favorite was #3.

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Cassandra said...

#3 is my favorite :)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Unknown said...

#3 is going on list of favorites! That was very HOT!

Beckey said...

All three excerpt were good.. :)
But if I was to choose just one it would have to be #2.

Thanks for sharing them.. :)


Chrisbails said...

Wow, what great excerpts. I loved them all especially 3. Now I want to read book 1 & then 2. Thanks for the giveaway.
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Unknown said...

I love the third one!! Bravo!!


susan said...

Guess from all signs three has the most points but it was hard to decide between the three, it was #3, #2 and then #1 in that order. sue L garysue@dejazzd.com

Ashley Applebee said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!! I loved excerpt #3 best!!
Ashley A

Fedora said...

Ooh, I think mine was #3 as well!

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Who cares which one is best - where's the book I want to read more.

Actually I think #3 tops my list by a very small margin.

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Yvette said...

Love them all but I am thinking number 3.

Susan W. said...

At first #1 was my favorite then I read #2 and it became my favorite but I'm going to say #3 was definitely my favorite! Thanks for being part of the blog hop!

Unknown said...

I love your books!! All were so good, but I would go with #3.

desitheblonde said...

i love the books i say number one


June M. said...

Oh, they were all great! I guess I would pick #1 just because it was so beautiful. I do love the great emotion of a good, intense erotic romance.
And I just love m/m action, m/m/m is even better ;)
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Molly said...

Holy handcuffs! Excerpt number 3 is absolutely amazing!!!!!! I love the m/m action and anything with two men is absolutely my obsession! Thanks!

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BlondieNKF said...

I'm thinking excerpt 3 was my fav. My heart is still racing. :)
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I like them all but my favorite was #2. Thanks for the giveaway.
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All of them were great! But i really like #3. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway!

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Thanks for having the giveaway!

I liked #3 the best.

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My favorite is #3.

Thank you for the wonderful contest.

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Nicole Morgan said...

Thanks to everyone who hopped over here to my blog!!!

I've contacted all the winners (RedheadBookWorm, BioChemguy and LauraTroxel)


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