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The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I’ve been tagged in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Okay, I will admit that I had no idea what my sweet friend, Author, Amber Lea Easton was talking about – or doing for that matter – when she tagged me in this post. But hey… I generally don’t know what's going on so that’s pretty normal for me. 

So, now that I’ve finished my writing for the day I am going to play along and share with you. Because hey…sometimes you have to be a team player, right?

Here are the rules of the hop:

  • Give credit to the one who tagged you – which in my case would be ‘cute as a button Amber’ so thanks sweetie!
  • Answer the following eight questions about your latest work in progress.
  • Tag five other authors and let them know you’ve tagged them.

I have a few works in progress, but I think I want to share the one which nearly has the words “THE END” included in it. So, without further adieu let the fun begin…

What is the title of your book?
Surrounded by Roses (fka Submerged in Desire)

Where did the idea come from for your book?
The same place much of my inspiration of the past year has come from. My fiancé, Zac. He is – as I’ve said many times – my real life happily ever after. I can’t help but work him into a story or two, or three, or…okay, so I use him a lot for inspiration! LOL

What genre does your book fall under?
Erotic Contemporary Romance (and of course, as with most of my books there is a military back story)

What characters would you choose to play the characters in a movie?
Oh, I hate this question. I am never good at this. I hardly ever use actual people as a vision. Instead, I just conjure them up in my mind’s eye. ;)

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your novel?
I’m not a very ‘drafty’ kind of gal. I write and send my ramblings to my beautiful and lovely (major sucking up here) beta reader, Nikki.

What other books would you compare it to within your genre?
Umm… I guess you could say they’re all very Nicole Morgan-ish. LOL. I threw in a conflict, an obstacle and a tragedy as I do in most of my books. I can’t help it. I need conflict in my stories. What kind of world would it be if everyone was in love and just having sex all the time? Umm… actually, never mind. That doesn’t sound so bad. ;)

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
Well, once again we’re coming back to my fiancé. Coincidentally the hero in the book is a submariner in the Navy. Imagine my surprise when my muse conjured up that story line, what with the shocking similarity to my fiancé’s former line of work in which he was a submariner in the Navy. Weird how that happened. LOL

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? How about a teaser?
This is the second erotic contemporary I’ve written where I’ve dealt with the issue of PTSD in the Military. There are so many stories out there with happily ever after that I wanted to show something real. Post traumatic stress is a very real disorder and one that I feel more awareness needs to go toward.

Here’s an unedited teaser…

Emily rinsed off the last plate and placed it on the drying rack. As usual, the uneven slope of her kitchen counter caused water to spill onto the floor. She bent down with a towel and sopped up the mess.
“Don’t move.”
She turned her head sideways and saw Trevor standing in the doorway. He had a towel around his waist and his hair was disheveled and wet from the shower.
“What is it? A spider?”
“A snake.” He said.
“Oh my God! Where? Trevor, get it! Kill it! You know I hate snakes.” She answered frantically.
“Umm…okay, but you seemed to like it last night.”
She cocked her eyebrow and stood upright and placed her hands on her hips. “2nd Class Petty Officer Purllington, I ought to make you drop and give me twenty. That was mean.”
“Well what do you expect? I come in the kitchen and see you bent over, the t-shirt doesn’t cover you and between your thighs I see the tempting little sight of your pink pussy lips. I’m only human, baby.”
She smiled at him mischievously. When he spoke to her that way it always turned her on. They weren’t pretty or romantic words. In fact they were just the opposite. Completely raw and devoid of any sentimental value, they spoke to her on a primal level. Hearing him caused her nipples to pucker and despite her messy hair and unkempt appearance she suddenly felt the seductress willing to take charge and get exactly what she wanted.
Slowly she walked toward him. With her tongue she licked her lower lip while looking down at his towel. When she got within a whisper of him she caressed her protruding nipples through her t-shirt. The action may have been for his benefit, but it shot little sparks of desire down throughout her entire body.  
“Damn you, woman. You are like a drug do you know that?”
His deep and raspy voice told her how much her little tease was working. She loved driving him as crazy he made her. There time apart was too long. It made her want to tattoo the memory of her to his soul.
“Oh yeah? Does the sailor need a fix?”
He un-tucked the edge of his towel and allowed it to fall to the floor. His cock stood at attention, like a sailor saluting his commander.
“What do you think?” he answered.

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So, now I bet you're all wondering who I am tagging next? Well... how about...

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