Monday, November 17, 2014

Honor James has a secret. Find out what it is here...

Hello my lovelies, I would like to first and foremost thank my lovely host for having me on their blog today. My name is Honor James, and I am a romance author. I know, I know - shocker right? Today though isn’t about the Honor James name, or the books under that name. Today I’m here to introduce, and better acquaint you with my other pen name, April Zyon.
Under the April Zyon pseudonym I write for both Evernight Publishing, and Secret Cravings Publishing. For some you may already have known, for others this will be a little bit of a revelation. I felt it was time now that I have some books out, and making their own way under April’s name, to let everyone know. It also makes it a lot easier to interact with folks if I’m not having to hopscotch around from account to account to chat with all my readers, but can centralize a little more for the every day things while still maintaining separate accounts for the specific publisher, book related items.
With all that said I’d like to introduce you to my two series. Just a taste mind you, to give you an idea of what they are about without overloading you.
From Evernight Publishing is the Massey, TX series. This series revolves around the fictional town of Massey that is about two hours south-west of Dallas. Give or take a bit, after all it is fictional. The series core is based around the Carver family, seven kids in total - yup, seven. Mama Carver was a very busy woman for a while there. Each of the Carver kids has gone out in the world, and now that they are older they are starting to come back to the place of their birth. But it isn’t only the Carvers, we also have the Hollisters, and some military friends of the oldest Hollister kid. Lots of trouble, plenty of hot sex, and of course cowboys. After all, what’s Texas without a bunch of hot, sexy, half naked...uh, cowboys?
From Secret Cravings Publishing I have the Guardians of the Light series. This is a series that is more fantasy based, with a Goddess giving longevity to select warriors of history who may were taken too soon, yet had proven to have what it takes to win against the growing Darkness. These warriors are reborn to fight back the Evil, and one day find the ultimate reward. They also have some interesting times when the Thirteen Vestal Virgins are once again reincarnated. Unfortunately the Darkness wants these Thirteen as well, and aren’t afraid to kill half of mankind to get them for their own purposes. The Guardians of the Light series has it all, hot studs of history, sexy women with kick ass (and mildly terrifying) abilities, bad guys out to dominate humankind, and a Goddess that occasionally likes to have a say in things. At least for a time.
If either of these series has caught your curiosity you can check them out on the April Zyon website for character details, blurbs, and excerpts. I also have a page for my WIP’s that you are welcome to also take a look at for whatever my mind has cooked up.
Last thing before I let you all get back to whatever fantastic book you’re reading. I am continuing to write as Honor James, and will for many, many, many books yet to come. I’ve shifted my focus a little though for my Siren specific books, which is another reason for my April Zyon persona. It allows me the freedom to write all over the map in the hopes that all my readers can still find something of mine to read, and enjoy.
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