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HOT HOLIDAY TREATS Book Tout: Furry Christmas by Sotia Lazu +Giveaway

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Hi, I’m Sotia and my story in Hot Holiday Treats is a sexy shifter tale involving a dog and a woman named Alice. In the story, Alice keeps having very hot sexy dreams about a man from a past hookup that seem to increase and intensify around the time she finds a stray dog named – what else? – Prince Charming!

Learn more about Alice and dog she’s adopted – who is really a man named Quinn – in the following character interviews.


Furry Christmas – Alice

Eva: Alice, you’ve been having some hot erotic dreams. Tell us about them!

Alice: Yes, Eva, and they rock my world. The first was more a memory of a real great one-night stand I had a while ago, and they only get hotter from there. They’re so real, I’m disoriented when I wake up.

Eva: The dog’s name is Prince Charming, just like in a fairy tale. Are you tempted to make a wish and see if it comes true?

Alice: I’ve stopped believing in Prince Charming, to be honest. What’s the use? Just because my sister found Mr. Perfect—and he’s not exactly princely—doesn’t mean all of us will. I’ll take my dream guy any day.

Eva: So you’re spending Christmas alone and your mind wanders back to that one hookup. The guy from the elevator. What about him pushed all the right buttons for you?

Alice: Everything! I’m instantly attracted to tall dark and handsome, but he had those incredible eyes—light brown with golden flecks. Amber, almost. He looked at me as if I were the only woman in the world, and his touch… Let’s just say he knew when to caress and when to hurt in oh-so delicious ways. I love a man who’s in tune to my body’s reactions, and it felt like he and I were in perfect harmony.

And I sound silly, waxing poetic about a guy whose name I didn’t even ask, huh?

Eva: Was hooking up with Quinn the most reckless thing you’ve ever done sexually?

Alice: So that was his name? I like it. Yeah, I think that’s the most reckless I’ve been. I mean, I’m not a nun or anything, but I usually at least have a drink with a guy before jumping him. Nah, I’m kidding. Until the last guy who broke my heart—and that was last New Year’s Eve, by the way—I was a serial monogamist. After him…I was more into casual things, but with guys I knew.

Furry Christmas – Quinn

Eva: When you arrive at Alice’s parent’s house you’re a wet, dirty dog. What happened to you?

Quinn: I can’t tell you without giving away too much, but I can confirm hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Eva: What led you to Alice? How did you find her?

Quinn: It wasn’t something specific. For six months, I’ve been wandering around San Francisco, led by my instinct. I remember feeling an irresistible pull to her parents’ house the night of the storm, but I didn’t know why.

Eva: What’s the best part of being a dog?

Quinn: Being able to lick my balls. No! I’m kidding! Even as a dog I found the thought disgusting. The best part was the lack of responsibility. My life was in danger, and people don’t usually feel cuddly and protective toward big-ass wolfhounds, but being reckless, sleeping under the stars, and only caring about my next meal was freeing.

Come to think of it, that sounds like my life before I was a dog too. Only then it was next meal and finding the right woman.

* * *


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