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Rock Star Series (When One Door Closes and Another Door Opens) by Sandy Wolters

Book:  When One Door Closes

Series:  Rock Star Series - Book 1 (Stand Alone)

Author:  Sandy Wolters (Award Winning)

Genre:  Steamy Contemporary Romance

Length:  Approximately 139 Pages

Book Heat Level:  R


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            Her marriage a disaster, Lilly closes the door to her personal life. Can meeting Bruce open a door to a new life or will her fear shut her off from love?

            All Lilly has ever wanted to do is sing, but being an internationally famous superstar has turned her life into a living nightmare. Closing the door on her destructive marriage, she runs to her best friend's rural home in northern Arizona, hoping to stay out of the public's eye and sort out her life.

            Bruce Silk, a Flagstaff police officer, doesn't approve of his brother's rakish rock star lifestyle but still keeps an eye on his remote home when he's out on tour. More than once he's had to arrest groupies who invaded the property to steal some small memento from the famous Clay Silk. So why does he feel sucker-punched when he slaps the cuffs on this latest trespasser?

            When One Door Closes is the first book in the “Rock Star Series.”  Each book in this series is stand alone.



            Curiosity gripped him. Who was this woman his philandering brother seemed to care so much about? Bruce watched from the kitchen doorway as she finished preparing their hot cocoa. Her small size seemed incongruent with the amount of sensuality exuding from her. No wonder she's Clay's favorite, he thought as a pang of jealousy swept over him.

            Dominating the room, her sensuous presence relaxed his cop perceptions and stimulated his male senses to a full appreciation for the view in front of him. Looking at her feet, he realized that despite the six-inch heels, the top of her head had only come up to his chest while he was handcuffing her. Damn, he thought, she is one fine woman. Who the hell wears those kinds of shoes sitting on a back deck all by themselves?

            Observing her skintight, leather-clad legs, lust filled him as his eyes and his imagination quickly moved to gaze at her curvaceous southern regions. Staring at her beautifully rounded bottom, his mind swiftly moved to a destination that he had not been fortunate enough to visit lately, even though it wasn’t for lack of opportunity. A lascivious grin, coveted by most of the women around these parts, crept across his face.

            Lilly turned to find him leering at her, locked away in his own private daydream. Still it was a look she would recognize anywhere. She'd seen it countless times but never really appreciated it until tonight. Too bad, she thought, that I'm not the type of person to have a one-night stand, unlike my husband. A stab of fresh pain hit her in the chest, and she had to catch the sorrowful moan before it left her lips. No. I'm not going to do that to myself—not anymore. She had an inkling that if she let him, this man could make her feel better for a while at least. Letting these dangerous thoughts slip away, she cleared her throat to get his attention.

            He came back from wherever his imagination had just taken him to find her smiling sweetly at him. As she moved toward him with the mugs in hand, he was grateful she had let him off the hook so easily. There was no way in hell he wanted to explain where his daydream had taken the two of them. It was bad enough that she obviously knew that his thoughts were lustful—no need for her to know how much further they had taken him.


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What people are saying about When One Door Closes:

"The book made me laugh, made me mad, made me feel the pain of the characters at times, that kinda adds up to a good book that is well written." - Douglas C. Meeks

"This is the fifth story written by award winning Author Sandy Wolters. Her finely honed, excellent writing style swoops the reader right into her tales of romance, mystery, struggles, and tenderness." - Nancy of Utah

"Take these three people, combine them with one nasty, good for nothing, succubus of a husband, rabid fans, a no nonsense housekeeper and a big mushy dog and you have the makings for a delightful way to spend a lazy day enjoying yourself with a good story." - Penelope Adams, PRG

" There are so many emotions in this book, You are happy, sad , angry and laughing in a matter of pages. You won't put the book down. The only sad thing is that it has to end." - Patricia (Goodreads)



Book:  Another Door Opens

Series:  Rock Star Series – Book 2 – Conclusion (Stand Alone)

Author:  Sandy Wolters (Award Winning)

Genre:  Steamy Contemporary Romance with a ghostly paranormal twist

Length:  Approximately 109 pages

Book Heat Level:  R


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(Available in Print - $7.99)




Can a man who has never lacked for women in his life meet the challenge when the woman he truly desires wants nothing to do with him?

Clayton Silk has reveled in the attention he receives as a rock star. His only close friend is Lilly, another international rock star, but she has chosen to step back from the spotlight and enjoy her relationship with his brother Bruce, which has started Clay thinking about his life.

When he decides to take a break from touring and spend some time with Bruce and Lilly, he meets a woman who drives him to distraction, a woman who resists all his usual charms, and makes him wonder what it will take to break down her resistance before he loses his mind. As he discovers, it may just cost him her life.



They were both startled when Barney picked that moment to come running through the house. He moved back and forth in front of them with urgency. When all he got was curious looks, he stopped and gave them both an inquisitive stare.

Nancy reached for the dog. "What is it, boy?"

Barney started to whine quietly, his big blue eyes almost hidden from view because of his wrinkles, but still able to convey his consternation through his expressive face. Nancy set her beer on the table and moved forward so her knees were almost touching the mammoth-sized dog. "He looks like he’s in distress, Clay. What’s wrong with him?"

At that moment, both Nancy and Clay heard a faint voice. "Help! Help!"

Nancy jumped back and practically landed on Clay’s lap. She grabbed his leg and held on for dear life. Never taking her eyes from the dog, she yelled, "Did you hear that? Clay, did you hear that? Did Barney just actually say help?"

Something akin to terror sparked in Clay’s eyes as he looked at the enormous dog in front of him. Shit, he thought, this can’t be happening! Did the damn dog actually find the spooks and get himself possessed? Unnerved because he no longer knew what to expect with the disembodied voices and where they were coming from, Clay’s voice broke when he spoke. "Barney?"

Panic set in, and Nancy’s fight or flight instinct raised its ugly head as the dog moved slowly toward her with a look of desperation in his expressive eyes. The death grip she had on Clay’s leg would definitely leave bruises.

The beast gradually opened his mouth and spit a slimy, mucous-covered, green mass of feathers out on her cozy, white bathrobe. Nancy jumped and gasped for air at the sight of the unmoving bird covered in goo and lying limply in her lap, its bony little legs straight up in the air with talons clinched tight in a death grip.

Nancy and Clay, stunned at the gift Barney had brought them, stayed perfectly still, not knowing what to do next or how to react.

Barney nudged the bird with his cold nose and whined. The bird chose that moment to move as fast as possible to get away from its captor. It turned quickly, gained its footing, and ran as fast as its little legs would carry it up the bathrobe. With determination, it dove down the front opening of the robe and found respite between the warmth of Nancy’s bare breasts.

Jumping up, Nancy stood there, stunned, not knowing what to do, arms spread wide, fists clenched and chest heaving, her body stiffened with pure panic. Her eyes, filled with hysteria, darted toward Clay, whose eyes crinkled with humor. He had his fist pressed against his mouth to stop the laughter, but one look at her standing there, ready to freak out, and he burst out laughing.

The bird chose that same moment to stick its head out of the opening of the bathrobe. "Help," it yelled once again. She felt it shaking with fear and realized the poor thing was only trying to protect itself. Barney tried to reach out with his nose to comfort his newfound toy, but the bird quickly retreated back into the warmth and safety of Nancy’s breasts.


Excerpt #2 – 608 words – NOTICE TO BLOGGER:  This excerpt contains some foul language and should not be used on PG rated blogs.


As Clay stood just off the porch, watching Nancy through the window, it felt like a Vise-grip had closed over his heart. He had known this moment would come, yet he still wasn’t prepared for the emotional turmoil this woman evoked in him every time he was within a hundred miles of her. He didn't do emotional.

He thought back to the day they met and could only shake his head in disgust. Not my finest moment. She had come to interview for a temporary office assignment to work as Lilly’s assistant, and when she found out who he was, she had bolted. In turn, he chastised himself, I did my best to make her feel worthless. He began massaging his temples to relieve the stress just thinking about Nancy brought on. Unfortunately, over the last several months, she had been on his mind more than he cared to admit.

He looked back to the object of his distress, and his emotions rose up inside him, flaring wildly out of control, turning him into a stark raving idiot. As he watched her sitting there on the couch, her hair damp from a recent shower, all wrapped up in a fluffy, white robe with her legs pulled up under the robe, he unconsciously shared in her grieving. She looked so alone … all he wanted to do was— Whoa! Shit! Where did that come from?

His hands clenched at his side, and he started swaying, his weight shifting from one foot to the other as he tried to regain his equilibrium. It was a lost cause. Ever since the first day they met, his life hadn’t been the same. No matter how hard he tried, she seemed to have burrowed under his skin. Exasperated, he expelled an anger-filled breath. She’s like a damn chigger! 

He hated being under the influence of his emotions at any time, but for a woman to be the cause pissed him off royally. Why the fuck does she affect me like this? She’s just another woman.

As happened earlier, he stilled as a thought tickled his subconscious, a nagging that was right on the surface but might as well have been buried hundreds of miles under the depths of his soul. Something at the far reaches of his mind was trying to make itself known, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t grasp it. It remained there, unknown for the moment, doing nothing but irritating the shit out of him.

He looked back up, and the tension in his body eased a bit when he saw the object of his thoughts now snuggling with Barney on the couch. Still, the sadness that enveloped her was palpable. Clay felt pushed to make everything better for her, but in the past he had proven to be woefully inadequate in this area.

Lost in his thoughts, a cool breeze blew across the nape of his neck, and he reached up to ease the tingling he felt there. Goose bumps rose across his arms, and his breath wavered.

"Go to her. She needs you."

The cool breeze that had mysteriously carried the words to him wrapped around his body and nudged him forward. Hearing a woman's amiable laughter floating gently through the breeze, he tried to jerk around, but before he realized what he was doing, he found himself at Nancy’s front door, banging to be let in — whether out of need or fear, he wasn’t sure. As he banged on the door, one thought kept running through his mind — get the keys to his only way home and get the hell out as fast as possible.



What people are saying about Another Door Opens:

"What a beautiful love story.” - Teresa Jensen


"A Magnificent Story. This is a fun story to read as it has moments of unforgettable humor, paranormal events, a massive dog named Barney who saves an injured small bird, romance, and a dominating housekeeper… Read this story, you'll love it!" – Nancy of Utah


“Ms Wolters does not disappoint writing another heartfelt love story, a bit of the paranormal, a scoop of mayhem and a dollop of intrigue.” – Gloria Lakritz, Paranormal Romance Guild



            Sandy Wolters is a prolific writer with five other novels to date.  Soul Mates, her steamy time travel romance, won first place in the Paranormal Romance Guild’s 2013 Reviewer Choice Awards for Paranormal Romance-Novella.


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Maggie Mae – Steamy contemporary romance with a ghostly paranormal twist

Justice For Emily – Steamy romantic suspense/crime drama with a ghostly paranormal twist

A Brother’s Love – Contemporary romantic suspense

Soul Mates – Award winning, steamy time travel romance

Rock Star Series:

Book 1 – When One Door Closes – Steamy contemporary romance (stand alone) – Bruce and Lilly’s story

Book 2 – Another Door Opens – (Conclusion to series) Steamy contemporary romance with a ghostly paranormal twist (stand alone) – Clay and Nancy’s story


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