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Sexy to Go – Volume 1

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Trio Concerto

By Eva Lefoy

Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to double-check the date? Showed up at the dentist’s office a day early? Been in a panic to get something done only to realize you had another full 24-hours before it was due?

That’s what happens to my heroine, Casi, in Trio Concerto. She shows up at an alpine music center for a Beethoven concert a day early. Woops! And since she’d driven two hours to get there, she doesn’t want to jump in the car and just drive back home. So she does a little exploring…

And finds a couple having sex in the woods!

Liam and Dahlia are two mates Alphas. They are both headstrong and controlling. Casi is just human passerby, she has none of these shifter issues, but upon seeing them au natural, her body does what comes naturally!

Excerpt from Trio Concerto:

“Please, Liam. Let me have your cock. Let me ride it.”

Wet, slurping sounds preceded more of her moans. Then, a man’s voice traveled through the woods. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Like me to fuck you hard.”

“Yes. Yes. Please, Liam. Please.”

“No. Not yet.” The low rumble of his voice, the deep satisfaction he promised, rumbled through Casi like a tidal wave. Her panties dampened as hot tingles tightened her cunt.

“But when I do, you’re going to scream my name.”

Her agonized groan filled the woods, seemed to make the grasses glow and shimmer. The sound urged Casi forward, pent-up desires unable to withstand the onslaught of the siren’s call. With a quick glance over her shoulder, she ascertained she still traveled alone. She could just take a quick peek. The couple’s playtime would be her little secret. Just like the magazines. Moving cautiously forward, she crept inch by inch through whispering grass, trying to stay low and small. With every step she drew nearer to the scene, her body heated in anticipation. Tense excitement constricted her breath. If she made one false move…

Another twenty yards or so and she’d be able to see them. All she had to do was get close enough to peek around a tree trunk if she couldn’t see through the bush. Stealthily, she skulked toward them, her feet not making a sound.

“Please, Liam. Oh God.”

“No. You must learn to wait. Maybe this will satisfy you in the meantime.”

She squealed, then let out a harsh breath.

Casi could only imagine what Liam had done to her. Maybe inserted a finger or two, which had made her cry out. But why was Liam not letting her have his cock? Why was he such a tease? She felt sorry for the woman, and angry at Liam for not satisfying her.

Her tightly wound body felt teased by their lovemaking, too. Her nerves thrummed in time with the woman’s soft grunts. Every step she took swelled a pulsing need inside her. If she was smart, she’d go back to her car, slip her hands down her jeans and get her own release. The idea certainly held merit, but didn’t promise as much excitement as watching Liam and what’s-her-name fuck. Even if it was wrong to snoop on people. Oh hell’s bells, it’s a public area. I’m a member of the general public, aren’t I? After driving all the way up here I might as well get something out of it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next month, Casi meets another shifter in the woods and is taken as his mate!

I hope you’ll check out all the awesome shorts in Sexy to Go, Volume 1 and be sure to look for Sexy to Go, Volume 2 in March.

Thanks for reading!


Sexy to Go, Volume 1

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