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#BookTour: Moonlight and Magic Daughters of Selene 1 by @RebeccaAiries #Fantasy #PNR

An evil ghost. A mystical warrior. Either way, her heart's in trouble.

Lorelei is searching for the truth. A witch, part Erysi, she needs to discover who the ghost terrorizing the city is, even if it is her grandmother, and stop that spirit before anyone else gets hurt. The treachery she uncovers goes deeper than she ever imagined and leads her to a gorgeous, arrogant, muscled, Erysi warrior who makes her burn with desire.

Quintus needs to get back to his mission after being encased in a spell for years. Helping sexy witch, Lorelei, might help him get that back on track, because her grandmother was probably deeply involved in every part of it. Every time they're together, it's hard to keep his mind on the hunt and off her sweet body. The attraction between them burns out of control.

Lorelei and Quintus' hunt leads them to a plot that could rip apart the lives of innocents. They must work together if they hope to stop the dangerous scheme. Even as she fights at his side, she falls for him. With so much danger around them, she can't risk love or weakness. Maybe after they finish the fight, they can claim the love building between them.

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Excerpt – PG 13

Lorelei lifted her hand. A surge rushed through her, the energy rising. It flowed from her palm. Pastel, gold, and silver with streaks of black swirled around the tree.
 The construct of the tree flickered once and then disappeared. She lowered her hand.
A blond haired man stood in its place. He swayed and dropped to the ground in a boneless heap. What the fuck?
Lorelei knelt beside the man. He scrambled back. Branches on a bush cracked as he backed onto it. He managed one more awkward crab walk backward before he collapsed to the ground.
His jeans and blue shirt could have come from anytime in the last twenty years, but the gold and silver energy crackling around him like sparks, that was all Erysi. Wide-eyed and dragging in ragged breaths, he gaped at her. Shit, I scared him.
Lorelei raised her hands. “I’m not here to harm you. We found a missive with the news that you’d disappeared. We thought you might be in this area if the one we suspected did it. You’re safe. No one will hurt you.”
“Not scared.” The man scowled at her. “The last things I remember are being hit with a spell from behind and the cackle of that old witch. I’m on guard. The others. You need to find the others.”
“Normal people call that scared.” Lorelei shook her head. Why wasn’t he getting up? “We know who did it. She’s dead, but unfortunately not gone. How many men came with you? We have three pinpointed. We need to know when to stop looking.”
“Six aside from me.” The man levered up, but collapsed onto his back.
So weak. Had he tried to strike out, sending a massive burst of power out right before Mémère caught him?
“You stay there. I’ll come back for you once we find the other four.” Lorelei glanced at the path and then back to him. The others need to be freed, but will he wander off?
Lorelei shook her head. He’s free and hopefully not an idiot. She eased down the path. The pulse of magic eased.
Let’s see if I can actually find one without touching every damn plant near me. I’ll be lucky if I come out of this without a rash all over my body. She closed her eyes and extended her hands over some plants. Tingles ran over her skin and the hair on her arms stood up. There’s one.
She stepped closer and let her magic free. Silver, gold, pastel, and hints of black flowed over the large plant. The illusion disappeared and the black-haired man fell to the ground. Damn, they’re all weak as babes.
“It’s all right. We’re here to help.” She dug her toe into the dirt. Better not to move forward and freak him out like she had that last man.
The man clawed at the dark, moist earth dragging his body about a foot, before he flopped onto his face. She blew out a breath. What the hell happened to them?
The flare of one more active spot pulled her away. Magic poured from her palms and swirled over the outside of the tree. Pale pink and purple with streaks of black drifted through the silver and gold, countering the spell.
The swirling magic flickered and disappeared. A black-haired man slumped to the ground and rolled onto his back. His hand lifted, but slapped back onto the dirt. He stared through half-closed eyes. Exhausted, but the man was gorgeous. He might be weak, but damn, he filled out that white shirt.

Author Bio

Rebecca Airies has always loved to read. Futuristic, the classics, mystery, horror and of course romance from sweet to extra spicy--the genre doesn’t matter as long as the stories capture her interest and take her on an adventure. She soon discovered a love for writing and characters just waiting to tell their stories. Since that time, writing has become an obsession.
Rebecca lives in Abilene, Texas. She loves the outdoors, growing things, and working on crafts when she’s not lost in the worlds of her characters.

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